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Self Sabotage

Monday inspirational tips for this new week is focusing on our own behaviors which seems pretty pertinent now that we’ve spent a lot of time with ourselves.

Do you find that you start something with good intentions but then lack follow-thru? This is self-sabotaging behavior, where our critical inner voice steps in and fills us with doubt, negativity, disorganization, procrastination, control issues and self-medication of some sort. It feels good to go back to a place of security when we’re trying to change our habits.

Here’s a few ways to overcome these emotions. First, love yourself, support yourself, replace negative self-talk with positive self-esteem, don’t rush, pause and reflect, take smaller habit change steps and slowly build on a strong foundation, give yourself permission to slip but pull yourself back on track, make note of your triggers and simple ways to overcome them, be honest with yourself and don’t blame others - - take responsibility.

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