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Habit Change

We are all seeking change but how are we going to actually make change happen? This is called habit change; when you change your habits, you change everything.

Think about how long it takes to acquire a habit, good or bad, and realize it takes time to really transform.

First, we need an action plan. Taking small steps is key to avoiding overwhelm. Think clearly, rationally, then write down your goals taking note of easy steps you can initiate to accomplish your goals.

Attitude matters. Avoid negative self-talk, be positive, be aware and nonjudgmental practicing honesty with yourself, being open to new input.

Know your triggers and remove them, replace them with something else, something better. Find alternatives.

Practice visualization before you act, try on different scenarios to see different outcomes.

Keep a token to remind yourself of what you’re working on. Positive reinforcement.

Self-impose barriers making it difficult to revert backwards.

Keep track of your milestones and reward yourself with healthy benefits making sure to celebrate small victories. If you misstep, simply accept and steer yourself back on course.

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