Your Health Coach.

After having a health crisis of my own, I delved even deeper into health and nutrition to find answers, to expand my knowledge and to ultimately turn an unpleasant journey into a meaningful and uplifting experience that I can share with you.

Becoming a health and nutrition coach has given me the tools to do just that.  I have a broad knowledge of health and wellness to utilize in helping people navigate a variety of health concerns, in addressing challenges, to empower people in using their own insights to create positive lifestyle changes and to provide support and accountability.


Looking and Feeling Fabulous over 50.


This is my proven system to show women how to feel and look amazing in their own skin without the need for drastic or invasive measures.  

Real Testimonials


Kami W.

"I feel so fortunate to have had you as my health coach.  Your 90-day program made a huge improvement in my wellness through your habit change encouragement.  Your process helped me to listen to my own intuition and take action steps in the areas that I chose.  You were a great accountability partner by helping me to focus on my positives (even small steps or successes) which helped keep my momentum going.  After 90 days, I was surprised to review such a long list of my goals that were reached!"

Atlas B. Personal Trainer

"My health coaching experience taught me how to go after certain goals I had for myself that I sometimes had trouble pushing myself to do.  I became a more goal-oriented person and learned how to prioritize what I found most important for myself.  Thanks to this program, I feel less stressed when going after what I value as a goal or what

may be stopping me from achieving greatness."


"I began working with Suzannah in August 2020 when I was dealing with medical issues. She provided me with small actionable information steps to take care of my own needs and my families. She helped me to see a different perspective and allow myself space and time to do things differently. This allowed me to nurture my relationship with myself and my sweetheart. We continued our journey together in September 2020 while I was recovering from surgery and from my cancer and beginning chemo journey. She provided encouragement, support and kindness. Her knowledge and expertise made that segment of our journey together lighter and love-filled. Her acknowledgment of where I was currently at and where I was heading in my health journey made me feel supported. Her spa products helped provide me a small daily indulgence of self-care. Her CBD products provided relief from post-surgery pain as well as support and relief during and after chemo.  We continued our journey together in February 2020 as I recovered and rebuilt myself and my life from chemo. Her support and understanding of the cancer and chemo journey have been invaluable.  Her knowledge of nutrition helped provide a support structure to better care for myself now and in the future. She makes each meeting uplifting, fun, supportive and educational. I am beyond grateful for her support, kindness and knowledge. My times with Suzannah and her information is supporting me to be the best version of myself. "


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