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Food For Thought

Food for thought is my weekly motivational tip.

Now is a great time to really be aware of where our food comes from.

I encourage you to look up your local farmers market and support buying locally.

Making this shift allows us to support local agriculture & farmers, to be able to find a seasonal variety of fresh from the field fruits & vegetables not to mention fresh cheese - honey - eggs - meat - dairy - maple syrup - fish - handcrafted artisan foods, fresh herbs, plants & flowers.

Fresh food is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, tastes better, helps the environment & saves packaging waste plus the energy required to ship food.

You can make a difference in your health by boosting your nutrition while getting in some exercise, having fun and being a valuable participant in your community. 🌿🥬🌺🍅🍄🍎🍉🍆🥦🥚🍞🥩🥧🍯🍴#certifiedhealthcoach#herbfarmer#immunesystem

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