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Cannabigerol, (CBG), is the precursor to all other cannabinoids in the hemp plants offering a powerful combination of benefits that give other cannabinoids their therapeutic value. CBG is an elusive compound difficult to extract in large quantities as the majority of it converts to CBDa, CBD, or other cannabinoids by the time plants are ready to harvest. It’s worth noting it wasn’t until 2019 that hemp farmers began to make this therapeutic oil available. Research shows CBG has promising results in soothing sore joints and muscles as well as positive effects on mood. This is pure CBG, not a blend, is broad spectrum with no THC detected but we would not call it THC-free. Simply place under tongue and hold for 1 minute, then swallow. Keep in mind that CBG may need to build up in your system over a few days before you start to notice the benefits.


  • 40 servings per container 

    1 oz. (30 ml) - 1,000 mg 

    Serving Size 0.75 ml

    Palm oil free


    Ingredients: Rice bran oil, hemp extract (CBG)

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