If you’re looking for the easiest, best tasting and most relaxing ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, look no further. The Alternate Vape CBD Kit is an all-natural formulation proudly containing no nicotine, no PG/VG, no THC, containing only MCT (coconut) Oil, CBD and plant terpenes. Forget vaping stereotypes. This vape pen is one of the most popular ways of taking CBD as it can be used anytime and anywhere. Convenience is key.


The Alternate Vape CBD Kit comes with everything you need to experience high potency CBD.


The kit includes: 1x battery, 1x USB charger, 1x prefilled 250 mg CBD vape cartridge.


All you need to do is twist the pre-filled cartridge onto the battery and breathe in through the mouthpiece and breathe out. The vaporizer is completely automatic, no pressing of any buttons, it turns on when you inhale and turns off when you’re done. No automatic turning on! Ready to use out of the box, simply charge and go. No mess and no hassle.


Once you already have the Alternate Vape Kit, use the same accessories and only order the Vape Shot refill. Completely reusable! Just throw away the old tank and screw the new one on. The CBD oil compatible vaporizer pen is a low voltage, 5V, Li-ion battery and premium wickless cartridge. Lights around the bottom of the pen will light up in red. If there’s no lights, or starts blinking intermittently, simply twist off and twist onto the USB charger. You can charge the battery thru your computer, turned on, or use a USB wall charger. When the battery is low, you will see a flash indicating how low it is -- one pulse = 30% remaining, two pulses =10% remaining, five pulses = battery drained. The battery allows for a maximum inhalation of 10 seconds, after which it automatically turns off.


  • Ingredients: MCT (coconut oil), CBD, Terpenes


    Featuring two flavors:

    MINT, created with terpenes from peppermint, refreshing

    CITRUS, a proprietary blend of plant terpenes, fruity



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